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Audition Information

Dancers attend the audition that corresponds with their skill level on the date of the audition.  At the audition facility, dancers will be issued a number, get their height, and proceed into the studio just prior to the beginning of class.  If the dancer is on pointe, they will bring those shoes into the classroom and wear them at the end of the audition process.

The audition is much like a standard ballet class.  It begins with work at the barre.  After barre, the dancers are sorted into groups according to their assigned number.  Each group will work on exercises like adage, pirouettes and small jumps in the center of the floor.  They will be given combinations of movements that travel across the floor.  Towards the end of the audition, dancers who will be considered for pointe roles will put on their shoes while the other dancers are allowed to leave.  Pointe dancers are encouraged to work to their training level.  (This is not the time to try anything that your teacher has not already given you instruction in!)

During the audition, Ballet Wichita’s Artistic Director and her assistant will walk through the room and make notes on each dancer’s level of training and abilities as well as note moments of particular movement qualities.  Making notes helps them prepare to cast roles for the upcoming season.

Within two weeks after the audition class, each dancer will receive notification informing them whether they are accepted into the company for the year and if so, what roles they have earned for upcoming performances.  They will also receive a rehearsal schedule for the next month to six weeks.  Future rehearsal schedules will be issued as the season progresses.

Being accepted as a member of Ballet Wichita gives dancers an opportunity to attend Master Classes for a discounted rate.  Since we audition just once a year, dancers accepted into the company are also eligible for possible roles in other company productions like our Ballet in the Park series.

FEES / Costs: The dancer fee is $100 per dancer and is DUE by October 1, 2017.  Additional dancers in a family get a discounted rate of $75 per dancer.  The dancer fee covers maintenance and repairs on the costumes we use.  Depending on the role, there may be a specific type of dance shoe, leotard, or tights and stage makeup that dancers will need to purchase.

Only dancers that are cast for a role are required to pay the dancer fee.  There is no fee to audition.