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Nutcracker 2021 Auditions


Saturday, August 28th
Ballet Wichita Studios, 1600 W. Douglas Ave


All dancers must be registered before they will be allowed to audition on Aug. 28th .
—Please follow the link to the online registration form; this MUST be completed for all dancers auditioning to perform with Ballet Wichita. If you are filling this out for multiple dancers, a registration form must be completed for each dancer.

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The 47 th annual Nutcracker performances will be held at Century II Concert Hall, on December 10, 11 & 12 under the direction of David Justin.  Additional dates, including school performances are pending and information on those dates and any changes will be sent as soon as we can confirm.


All dancers & staff will be required to wear masks/face coverings on audition day. If you have a medical exemption, please contact Sandy Wolter, Executive Director, at: sandywolter@balletwichita.com to discuss.

**BALLET WICHITA ANNUAL AUDITIONS ARE OPEN to dancers who are at least 8 years old on the date of auditions**

Audition FEE: The Audition FEE is $25 per dancer and due at the time of registration (payable online or you can bring a check to the studio).

Audition Groups: All dancers MUST arrive at the Ballet Wichita Studios at the time listed below, NO NEED TO ARRIVE ANY EARLIER. 
PARENTS: due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, we will be limiting the number of people in the studio on Audition Day.
Please only enter the studio if your dancer is new to auditions, needs your assistance, or you have specific questions that can’t be answered before audition day. THANK YOU for helping us keep dancing safely!

Beginner:  Minimum age to audition is 8 years old.  2-6 years of ballet training.  
Auditions: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Arrive at 12:00 pm, audition starts at 12:30 pm, dismissal at 1:30pm

Intermediate:   Dancers with 6 or more years of ballet training; for this group, dancing on pointe is NOT required. If you plan to audition on pointe and have at least 2 years of training on pointe, please bring your pointe shoes.
Auditions: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Arrive at 1:00pm, audition starts at 1:30pm, dismissal at 3:00pm

Advanced: Pointe required, minimum of 3 years pointe training
Auditions: 2:30pm – 4:45pm
Arrive at 2:30pm, audition starts at 3:00pm, dismissal at 4:45pm

Party Guests: Some dance and acting experience required.
Auditions: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Arrive at 4:30pm, audition starts at 5:00pm, dismissal at 5:30pm

NOTE:  If you are unable to attend auditions due to a conflict, we will work with you! To make arrangements, please contact us NO later than Monday, August 16 by email: info@balletwichita.com.

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What to expect at BW Auditions:

The audition is an opportunity for each dancer to showcase their skills for the Resident Choreographer/Director, helping him determine where dancers will best fit in the Nutcracker production. During the audition, Mr. Justin will make notes which helps him make casting decisions. A guest teacher will teach the class as Mr. Justin observes; all casting decisions will be made solely by him. To help with the process, auditions may be taped. Photographs and measurements of dancers will be taken to assist with casting.

Audition Attire:  Be prepared for Class! Black leotards and pink tights, with leotard over the tights and either ballet slippers or pointe shoes depending on group.  Boys and men in all-black attire. (No leg warmers, dance skirts or shorts).  Hair secured in a bun, no jewelry or piercings shown.
Note: If dancers are auditioning in the beginner group or as an adult/party guest and have no dance attire, please wear (subtle) athletic clothes and socks with hair secured.

Parents/Guardians:  There is NO seating in the lobby during auditions. Parents are welcome to stay in the parking lot or run an errand and return to the studio at dismissal times. EVERYONE! Please be mindful in the parking lot, it can be a busy day so please drive slowly and watch out for happy dancers.

What to expect AFTER Auditions:

Within approximately seven (7) days following the audition, each dancer will receive an email notification informing him/her whether he/she has been cast in the 2021 Ballet Wichita Nutcracker and which role(s) he/she will be dancing. Dancers will receive a rehearsal schedule at that time. The rehearsals for the 2021 Nutcracker will begin early/mid-September depending on the role.

Dancers will have five (5) days following the email notification to accept his/her role(s), sign the Letter of Commitment, and pay the $100 Production Fee. The commitment form and production fee form will be emailed with the cast list.  If dancers do not complete the previously mentioned items within five (5) days of notification, roles will be considered rejected and re-cast. Contact us if you have any questions.

Note on the Production FEE: The Production FEE is $100 per dancer cast in the 2021 Ballet Wichita Nutcracker and is DUE when the dancer signs their Letter of Commitment. The Production Fee covers many things, such as the maintenance and repairs of the costumes used by Ballet Wichita.
*There will be an opportunity when signing the Letter of Commitment to discuss a payment option for the Production Fee, if needed. *

**In addition to the production fee, depending on the role, there may be a specific type of dance shoe, leotard, or tights and stage makeup that dancers need to purchase. That information will be provided as the production progresses**

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