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Ballet Bodice Workshop Supply List

This supply list is based on my experience of creating standard Ballet Bodices and I typically purchase the bulk of my supplies for these from Tutu.com.  And I generally purchase more complex professional bodice patterns from either Tutu.com or the folks at https://tutusthatdance.com/pages/patterns

But the first bodice I made was using a basic McCalls pattern that I have tweaked and modified and we will be using the McCalls pattern for this Workshop.

This supply list is geared toward purchases you can make at local fabric stores. I do recommend you give the folks at The Sewing Center a chance to assist with fabric purchases.  Don’t forget to get thread to match your fabric choice.

Fashion Fabric: 2/3 Yard though 1 full yard is advisable if you are going to be making your bias tape from the same fashion fabric.  This is based on fabric width of 44/45″  So if your fabric is 60″ wide, you can probably get away with 1/2 yard for the bodice but will still need 2/3 yard if making your own bias tape from this fabric.

Fabric Suggestions: Woven (non-stretch) fabrics such as: bengaline, gabardine, satin, or satineens, brocades, taffeta. We generally make our ballet bodices out of bengaline we get from Tutu.com. But we also use other woven fabrics.

Joann’s has a nice Casa line of satins to choose from but don’t be afraid to be adventurous with a print if you find one you love. But NO chiffon or organza. It’s not sturdy enough to be a bodice. And no knit please. A knit bodice is assembled or built differently than a woven fabric bodice. The ladies at The Sewing Center can provide you with some great options.

Lining fabric: 2/3 yard

Fabric suggestions: cotton or cotton blend. Unbleached muslin is fine. We generally use a white Twill fabric which is a blend of cotton. Wash your lining before class if at all possible. Using warm water. Especially if it is 100% cotton. This is what stabilizes your fashion fabric.

Bias tape and Piping: 2 yards-You can purchase a package of premade Piping that coordinates with your fabric.

Or if you want your piping at the top and bottom of the bodice to match your bodice fashion fabric, then you will need to purchase full 1 yard of fashion fabric and 2 yards of 1/8” or 1/16” elastic cord or cotton cording to make your piping. And I will teach you how to make bias tape and then piping. If you are wanting to contrast your piping with your fashion fabric, then get 1⁄2 yard of what ever contrast fabric you choose to make your own contrasting bias tape and turn it into piping.

Boning supplies: we use steel spiral boning but Joann’s does not carry that supply. So, for this class you will want to purchase 2 yards of their covered boning. Joann’s carries Dritz featherlite that is 1⁄4” wide in 1⁄2” twill casing that will work fine that comes 2 yards in a package. Or Flexicurve brand that you can purchase by the Yard. I’m sure The Sewing Center could also help you with this supply.

This is what we purchase: boning casing https://tutu.com/collections/boning-hooping-wire/products/bone-casing-1-2-inch-wide-white  I generally use about 1 1/2 yards per bodice

Boning:  https://tutu.com/collections/boning-hooping-wire/products/continuous-steel-spiral-boning  I generally use about 1 1/2 yards per bodice

Boning caps:  https://tutu.com/collections/boning-hooping-wire/products/bone-tips  I generally use about a dozen per bodice.


Hook and bars: We use #6 and you need 5-8 for the back. A #6 hook/bar at Tutu.com is 3⁄4’ long. Joann’s carries hooks/bars under the Dritz brand. We also use hook/bar tape from Tutu.com but I don’t see any of that available at Joann’s after an online review. Again, I’m sure the folks at The Sewing Center can assist you with this notion.

Here is what we typically purchase at Tutu.com  https://tutu.com/collections/fasteners/products/6-hooks-silver

#6 bars silver per dozen

Elastic: OPTIONAL: for shoulder straps so need probably 1⁄2 yard of 1⁄4’ elastic. We generally tea dye the elastic so it looks more flesh colored for the dancers or have them pancake make-up on it so it blends into their skin. This may be optional for you if you wish to wear this bodice without elastic shoulder straps. A dancer needs that additional support for all the movement they do. This is probably not necessary for a fashion garment, or we could add fabric shoulder straps.  Or another option is ribbon straps.

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