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Beginner Sewing Workshop 2024

vintage sewing machine

This is for those who want to learn basic use of a sewing machine:  regular and serger.

I am offering some different Beginner project options:

1)  Pillow:  this is the recommended projec6t for beginners and especially those under the age of 14.

2)  Zipper Pouch:  for those who have a little bit of experience with a sewing Machine (and some trepidation about zippers) Great follow up to a a pillow.

3)  Cloth Napkins/Unpaper towels:  this is all about learning and getting comfortable with a serger

4)  Ballet Wrap Skirt:  this is the skirt ballet dancers wear in class and combines regular machine and the serger

5)  Sleep pants/Shorts:  perfect for those with some experience on a machine but need to learn about patterns.  Great follow-up to Pillow.

6)  Other:  we can talk about that after you register.

Please make sure you check out the Beginner Supply List as it provides more information to help you figure out what class option best suits your needs.  When in doubt, sign up for the Pillow and we can talk after that.

All  projects will include some time learning about basic sewing supplies, woven versus knit fabric, how to load a bobbin and thread a regular machine.  Using a regular machine and a basic serger.

Sign up here and then we can talk about which Project you are wishing to try.  View the Supply List here.

The cost for the 2 hour Workshop will be $30.00.  I prefer to teach you on the machines I have available but will consider assisting you learn how to operate your home machine.

I’ve set up multiple sessions over Tuesday evenings throughout the summer with a couple of weekend options.  For those with NO machine experience and those 12 and under, the first session will focus on learning about basic supplies and learning how to use a machine for the first time and hopefully make a pillow if time allows.  I teach them how to sew basic straight lines, back stitch, load bobbin and thread machine.  And introduce them to a serger.

An additional Beginner Session will need to be scheduled to do the other other projects if this is their first time using an actual machine.  If you have sewn before on a machine, than one session will probably be sufficient to accomplish the selected Project.  If not, we can talk about Project Help sessions I offer.

If perhaps you are wanting to do your own Group of 4-5 people, let me know and we can see if we can set up a time for your specific Group.  Otherwise, I hope you make new friends getting to know your fellow new Sewists.

This is open to ages 12 and up but if you have someone below the age of 12 wanting to learn, please reach out to me at jdoran727@gmail.com.  I have taught younger than 12 and am open to it under the right circumstances and setting.


Choose a Class - Tuesday: 6-9pm
One session is included in the price. Choose the session(s) that work for you!
Choose a Class - Saturday: 1-4pm
One class session is included in the price. Choose the session(s) that work for you!
Choose a Class - Sunday: 1-3pm
One class session is included in the price. Choose the session(s) that work for you!
Choose a Class - Special Setting
If none of the offered Dates/Times work for you, please reach out to me and we can talk about alternative dates. And we can special set for a small group of up to 4 to have their own session
Choose a Project:(Required)
If you have LITTLE to NO sewing experience or are under the age of 14: PLEASE CHOOSE THE PILLOW OPTION. Sessions are for one project. Please register for different projects separately. We can talk if none of these projects work for you. Please read the Supply List to assist you in determining what class is right for your level of experience.

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