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BITP 2022 Commitment Form

BITP 2022 Commitment Form

  • Congratulations!

    And thank you for auditioning for Ballet Wichita's Ballet in the Park production of Tom Sawyer.

    By signing below, you, the dancer (and parent/guardian) agree to accept casting decisions and possible changes or adjustments in casting as made by the Artistic Director.  And you, the dancer (and parent/guardian) also acknowledge that you are available for all rehearsals and performances.  You understand that you may be cast in multiple roles and/or in all performances.

  • Letter of Commitment

    Rehearsal and Performance Requirements
    Dancers are expected to attend all Ballet Wichita rehearsals and performances. Any planned absence needs to be communicated in advance with the company manager, Katie Andrusak at k.andrusak.balletwichita@gmail.com. If you are ill, please do not attend rehearsal. We would prefer, with the current pandemic, that all dancers air on the side of staying home if feeling under the weather. Notify the company manager, Katie Andrusak at k.andrusak.balletwichita@gmail.com of an illness absence as soon as possible.

    Conduct Requirements
    Dancers and their parent(s)/guardian are considered part of the Ballet Wichita community and are expected to conduct themselves in a way that positively embodies the mission and vision of Ballet Wichita. Social media posts should be used to encourage and not in any way disparage members of the company or staff. Dancers and their parent(s)/guardian are role models of Ballet Wichita, executing etiquette, respect and good sportsmanship. Ballet Wichita will not tolerate any bullying. If bullying of other dancers is discovered, the perpetrator risks losing their role in the production.

    Rehearsals and Performances
    The 2022 Ballet in the Park rehearsals and performances will tentatively run from April 6 - June 12 and August 22 - September 12. Specific performance dates and times to be announced. Tentatively the performances are scheduled for June (8-12) and first weekend of September after Labor Day (8-11). All performances are subject to change with COVID.

    Dress Code
    All female dancers are required to wear their hair in a neat manner pulled away from the face. If hair is not long enough to be put in a bun, it must be pinned back and away from the dancers face. All female dancers need to wear tights and a leotard (no required color) and the appropriate shoes. Advanced dancers are allowed to wear warm-ups at the start of rehearsals.

    If a dance is en pointe, dancers must wear pointe shoes for EVERY rehearsal, unless specifically told otherwise by the director. If there is an issue interfering with your ability to dance in pointe shoes, permission must be obtained from the director before rehearsing without the appropriate footwear. It is important for the dancer to rehearse how they will perform.

    Boys should wear short sleeved shirts, black tights or jazz pants or shorts and either ballet or jazz shoes.

    Dancers will be required to purchase their own shoes, tights, leotards and makeup for rehearsals and performances.

    Production Fee
    The Production Fee for the 2022 Ballet in the Park is $100 per dancer and is due by April 6, 2022. If you need to get on a payment plan, please email Sandy Wolter at sandywolter@gmail.com to set one up.

    All dancers and their parent(s)/guardian have read and fully understand the responsibilities of a Ballet Wichita participant. To remain a participant, the dancer and their parent(s)/guardian will follow the guidelines set forth in the Letter of Commitment, Dancer Agreement, Exculpatory Agreement and Tobacco Policy.

    This form must be completed and submitted to Ballet Wichita by Friday, April 1, 2022.

  • Please select the roles for which you have been cast - as listed in the email you received on March 30, 2022
  • ALL email address(es) entered on this page will receive communication regarding the 2020 Ballet in the Park production. This could be a parent/guardian or dancer email address.
  • Required for dancers under the age of 18.

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