1600 W Douglas Ave Wichita, KS 67203

(316) 687-5880


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Ballet Wichita is actively engaged in community efforts to introduce and advance the art of dance to Kansans.  Our Nutcracker Matinees for schools bring students from all over the city of Wichita to enjoy ballet (often for the first time).  Introducing children to the art of dance engages them to be culturally active and stimulates an interest in the arts.

In addition, we welcome community participation through our volunteers.  From making costumes to setting up stage props and more, our volunteers get to join in on the excitement of Ballet Wichita’s productions.  Affectionately called Legwarmers, our volunteers interact with our dancers directly, and play a large role in bringing our productions to life.

Ballet Wichita is the chapter sponsor of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts.  In this role, Ballet Wichita acts as an overseeing agency, monitoring each dancer’s activities to ensure that any dancer in the state who wants to pursue membership in the NHSDA meets the strict induction guidelines and receives recognition for their accomplishments in dance.


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