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Accordion Title: Intro to Dance & Ballet (Infant to 4, or Adult)

Top accordion – #1

*All intro classes use either single drop-in or class punch cards with 5 (10% savings), or 10 (20% savings) classes. Pre-paid classes expire after 6 months.

Babes in Arms
Ages: New-born (once permission from your doctor is obtained) to any baby wearing age.
Class length: 60 minutes
Attire for parents: workout clothes; ballet slippers, socks, or bare feet; hair secured back
Attire for Babies: swaddled in a papoose or similar carrier holding the child close to the body and giving adults free range of motion

This class is designed for parents or guardians to bring newborns into the dance studio to share in an experience of movement and music. Babies ages can range from new-born (once permission from your doctor is obtained) to any baby wearing age. Parents must provide their own baby sling, cradle or safe carrying device that leaves the parent free to move arms and legs unencumbered. Parents can enjoy bonding with their child while gently returning to exercise and learning ballet vocabulary.

Toddlers’ Turn
Ages: 2-4 yrs
Class length: 45 minutes
Girls – Pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes or bare feet, hair secured away from the face
Boys – White T-shirt, black shorts (above the knee), black ballet shoes or bare feet

This is a class designed for potty-trained toddlers to develop early motor skills including balance, turning, locomotion coordination and a love for music and movement. Parents are asked to remain in the room for the duration of class, and are encouraged to move and stretch with their child.

For Adult Beginner Ballet, see the Drop-Ins section.

Schedule Time With Jan

Reach out to me via email at jdoran727@gmail.com and we will find a time that works for both of our schedules to take a trip to Joann’s and help you choose a pattern, read the supply list, pick the right fabric and notions; or pick the right needles/hooks and yarn. Let’s plan on 2 hours at the fabric store. I will meet you there and help you find your way around Joanns.

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