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BW Institute

Ballet Wichita Institute

Ballet Wichita offers ongoing classes at the Ballet Wichita Studio, located at 1600 W. Douglas.  The Institute, a training program that focuses on classical ballet technique offers classes for students who are just beginning ballet (as young as 8 years) to dancers who’s pointe shoes have been long neglected, to those of us who have always been interested and are finally ready to take that big step and finally enroll in a ballet class.

For the serious dance students, our highly trained faculty will work to inspire the whole student to be both an accomplished dancer and a healthy, strong, confident athlete.  Students will experience a structured curriculum in a nurturing and positive environment, targeting and exploring each student’s strengths and abilities.  At the Institute, we offer a multi-skill level system, providing students with a unique curriculum allowing them to observe and learn from each other.

In addition to classical ballet classes, we have two fitness classes (see descriptions below) that incorporate many of the fundamentals of ballet for an extremely effective work out.  No dance experience is required for either of these classes, though they are highly recommended and beneficial for all dancers.

Bring a willingness to try something new and challenge your mind and body, we can’t wait to start working out and dancing with you!

Classes are held at Ballet Wichita
Address: 1600 W. Douglas Ave. | Wichita, KS 67203

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Monthly Tuition

1 class per week……………………….$48/month
2 classes per week……………………$88/month
3 classes per week……………………$120/month
4 classes per week (unlimited)……$144/month
Punchcards (5 classes)……………..$75
Sibling discount………………………20% off


Students must register for classes 7 days prior to the session start date.  Fall Session ends November 26th. Classes will resume January 6th.

Dance with Me:
Our special class for children 3 1/2yrs and up. A parent (or other adult) joins their little one in a creative movement class.
Attire: Comfortable clothing and socks recommended.
Duration: 45 minutes
Age: 3.5yrs-6yrs
Years of Ballet Training: 0

Intro to Dance:
A fun combination of condition and basic training in coordination, balance, and movement. This class is the start to discover the joy of dancing!
Attire: Comfortable clothing and socks recommended.
Duration: 60 or 90 minutes
Age: 7yrs and up
Years of Ballet Training: 0

Primary Ballet:
A class for dancers in 1st grade and older, with some ballet experience. Designed to learn technique,
vocabulary, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.
Attire: Comfortable clothing and socks recommended.
Duration: 60 minutes
Age: 7 yrs and up
Years of Ballet Training: 1+

Intermediate Ballet:
Students improve their understanding of proper ballet terminology and increase their awareness of anatomy, posture, and correct alignment. We continue to develop strength, coordination, and flexibility.
Attire: Ballet attire
Duration: 90 minutes
Age: 10 and up
Years of Ballet Training: 2+

Advanced Ballet:
This class provides advanced training and is a logical progression in the Ballet Wichita Institute program.
Duration: 90min.
Attire: Ballet clothing; pointe shoes optional
Age: 13 and up
Years of Ballet Training: 4+ years

Adult Ballet:
A comprehensive combination of several levels to convey an understanding and the physical ability to enjoy and progress in the training of classical ballet vocabulary.
Duration: 60 min.
Attire: Comfortable clothing
Age: 11 and up
Years of Ballet Training: Beginner – Professional

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