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Knitting/Crochet Workshops

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Let’s try every other Wednesday night for some Sticks and Strings.  Whether you are a total beginner, just need some help advancing your skills or just want to Knit (or Crochet) with Friends, there’s a place on the couches for you. Come on in.

I will teach you either basic knitting or basic crochet and help you get started.  The pattern I like to use is for leg warmers.  And I recommend using Caron So Soft yarn.

The cost is $25.00 for the first class and after that you can feel free to drop in for help at regular bi-weekly sessions for only $5.00 and I will help you with your ongoing project.

Sign up and let me know whether you are just wanting to Drop in with an existing project you might need some help with ($5.00) or need to learn the basics ($25.00).  No cost if you are just dropping in to commune with fellow Yarnies.

Once you sign up, I will provide you with a copy of the Knitting or Crochet pattern I am recommending for your beginner project.  We can chat if there’s something else you wish to try depending on your skill level but I am strongly recommending you use the pattern I have identified for your first project.

My availability may be dependent at times on BW production needs and I will be teaching sewing classes on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, so please make sure you sign up if you are coming in for a Basic Beginner lesson so I can plan accordingly.  But the comfy couches in the lobby are always open for Yarnies to share their love of STICKS and STRINGS.

Choose a Class - Wednesday: 6-9pm
All class sessions are included in the price. Choose the session(s) that work for you!
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