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Machine Basics or Pattern Basics 2023


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MACHINE BASICS: Do you have a machine sitting in the closet and you just don’t remember how to use it? Well, bring it on in and we will work together to figure out how to thread it, wind a bobbin and see if it’s ready for you to sew on OR if it needs to go in for a tune-up. Same if you have a serger. But make sure you have your manual. If you don’t have it, please go find it on Etsy or Ebay and bring it with you to class.

PATTERN BASICS: Have you bought a pattern and you just can’t figure out what all those words MEAN on there? Well bring it on in and we will review it and I will decipher things for you. Or maybe you are wanting to try a pattern but you’re not sure if your skills will make it a success. Or what fabric you need. Bring in the info and we will look it over together and make a Plan for you to succeed. Maybe we can plan a Field Trip to Joanns to get that pattern and the RIGHT fabric and notions.

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