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Nutcracker Commitment Form

Congratulations on your roles in Ballet Wichita’s The Nutcracker!

Thank you ALL for coming to dance with Ballet Wichita.  It is always such an exciting prospect to see how The Nutcracker can meet the needs of a community of dancers and how those dancers shape The Nutcracker performance each year.

Ballet Wichita commits to providing a healthy, safe, constructive environment in which to learn and develop. In addition to the skills and experiences needed to produce a ballet at the highest possible level of excellence, dancers will also practice the soft skills (life skills) required in adulthood and that are so universally transferable.

To achieve the very best experience for each individual and for the production ensemble, as a whole, we ask each person involved (dancer, choreographer, volunteer, designer and technician) to commit themselves fully to the production. Each person is truly mission critical once the commitment is made. In other words – we want you, and if you say yes – we will NEED you. Learning to respect this shared responsibility is one of the greatest soft skills a person can develop. It’s one of the things that make people with dance backgrounds so valuable in other professions.

Because there are so many moving puzzle pieces that go into creating the full production, it is very difficult to do the work with inconsistency and multiple unknown absences. We know that life happens, especially in the age of COVID. However, as much as possible, we must limit absences to 3 unforeseen absences. After 3 unforeseen absences, that dancer’s participation in the performance will need to be reassessed by the Artistic Director; not as a punishment – but because it becomes an impossible task to keep the production moving forward. NOTE!! Unforeseen absences are for emergencies. They do not include quarantining for unexpected COVID exposure or positive test results, nor home studio or school conflicts that are communicated to the Artistic Staff in advance of those absences.

We had a wonderful turnout for the audition! This has enabled double casting of some roles in the production. Double casting means to ‘share’ a role with another dancer. If you do end up sharing a role, you will be alternating with that “counterpart” for rehearsals and performances.

This year we are lucky to be able to continue with our school matinees in our production schedule! This is wonderful to be able to perform for up to 4,000 area school children.  We are also excited to be adding a second public matinee on Saturday.

We are glad you are joining us this year to create a great Nutcracker. Please fill out the form below to confirm the role(s) for which you have been cast.

DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 2, 2023. If roles are not accepted by 5:00pm on September 2nd, we will assume your are declining your roles and we will reassign any roles we need to.

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Commitment Agreement

By signing below, you, the dancer (and parent/guardian) agree to accept casting decisions and possible changes or adjustments in casting as made by the Artistic Director.  And you, the dancer (and parent/guardian) also acknowledge that you are available for all rehearsals and performances unless stated otherwise on your audition form.  You understand that you may be cast in multiple roles and/or in all performances.

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