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Party Perfect Sewing 2024


Have you ever browsed Pinterest as you are planning a party and thought:  I’d like to MAKE that?  Maybe coordinating tablecloths, table runners and napkins.  Or a party bunting?  Or a tie on tutu for the party guest of honor?  Maybe you want to decorate onesies for a baby shower but don’t know the supplies you need?  You’d like to try a balloon arch but don’t know the supplies you need or need to make some bows to go with that arch.  This is what I would like to offer in this class.  Help YOU make your party or your holiday tables special.  I will help you sort through your idea and help you accomplish that “plan” taking into account your sewing skills.  Allow you to use my machines, or help you use your own to make up those coordinating table runners and napkins or the bunting or fabric swag you are envisioning.  I am also going to offer a companion session of a Field Trip where I will meet you at Joann’s or wherever to help you pick out the best supplies to make your vision come to life.  Share my various source where I order tulle and satins and ribbons and all thing fiber.

Party Perfect Sewing

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Let's make some party décor! Banners, napkins, fabric crowns, gift bags, wine bags, buntings, zipper pouches, reusable gift bags .... the possibilities are endless. One session is included in the price. Choose the session(s) that work for you! If you need to come back another time to finish up, that's fine just contact Instructor to arrange that. I've got tons of ideas to share.

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