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Pick a Project 2023


Are you ready to take what you learned in Beginner class and make your first project but you need some more help?  Or do you have a Project you’ve already got the supplies for but you need help laying out your pattern pieces and cutting things out?  Or you’ve seen these great wrap pants on Pinterest and you really want to try and make them.  Or maybe you don’t have a serger but would really like to use one on your project.  You just need some HELP getting your project started or helping you finish it up.  Well, this class is for doing just that.  You Pick the Project and I’ll help you get it started, or finished!

Great companion session to this would be the Field Trip option where I will meet you at a local fabric store and help you figure out the supplies you need for your project.

Pick a Project

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One session is included in the price. Choose the session(s) that work for you!

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