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Pull On Practice Workshop Tutu Supply List


Here is the link for #2312: https://tutusthatdance.com/collections/skirts/products/copy-of-2312-stretch-rehearsal-tutu-and-briefs

Fabric for Trunks/Briefs: Fabric: a light weight 4 way stretch. That means it stretches both horizontally and vertically. All 4 ways! Think yoga pants or swim suit material or your leotard. It stretches up and down and it also stretches around. It’s generally referred to as Spandex or Lyrcra. It has a shiny side and a non shiny side generally.  If this is going to be used a lot by the dancer in rehearsals, I really recommend you get a good quality Lycra.  Another option is heavy weight power mesh.

The folks at The Sewing Center are more knowledgeable about fabric than the folks at Joann’s to help you on your journey to learn fabric and what it can and cannot do to work for a particular project.

A Half a yard of fabric that is 50” wide should be sufficient to make the brief.

Netting: this is netting NOT tulle. You want a total of 10 yards. That will give you a cushion for the inevitable mishaps that happen making this project for the first time.  I have done tutus that are all one color and ones that are 2 alternating colors.  And I have done some custom dyeing as well.  I’m open to assisting you to dye your netting.  Just make sure you get a bottle of dye, the kind that is recommended for synthetic fabrics.

Elastic: you want about 50” of 3/8” wide braided or non-roll elastic for the legs.

Thread: don’t forget thread to match your brief fabric. You will be serging your panty/brief and I have black and white thread I will be providing. If you want a different color, you will need to get 4 spools of that thread or cones to match your fabric. We will be ruffling the netting on the Johnson Ruffler and using serger cone thread wherever possible. Again, I have black and white and some colors. You should probably get a cone of serger thread for that purpose but it’s also possible I will have some you can use from our supplies to use on the Ruffler. Honestly, I recommend you get 4 cones of thread that works with your netting and panty fabric.

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