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Romantic Tutu Workshop 2024


Learn to make a staple of ballet:  the dreamy romantic tutu.

You must have some sewing experience on a regular machine to take this class.  Some experience on a serger is helpful as well.

You will be making the Basque, and then on the Johnson Ruffler you will handle/ruffle 4 layers of tulle and a layer of netting.  If you are a Dance Studio that wants to make Romantic tutus for your Studio, please contact me and we can talk about maybe even setting up your very own Workshop.

There will be a cost of $50.00. And we can discuss costs if you are wanting to schedule a workshop for your specific Studio.  Since we will be using the Tutus That Dance high basque #2300, you will need to purchase that separately from them: https://tutusthatdance.com/collections/accessories/products/high-basque-2300.

View the Supply List here.

Again, you MUST have sewing experience.  Preferably you have taken the Bodice class or been involved in prior productions.  If you have not met either of these two pre-requisites, we will need to chat first to make sure you have the basic skills to accomplish this project at the Workshop.

I’ve set this class up over multiple Wednesday evenings throughout the summer.  You should plan on 8-10 hours of class time to master this project.  There are also some Project Help sessions on a few select Saturday and Sundays throughout July and August to come in and work on your Project.

IF there’s enough demand for it, I would CONSIDER changing this to a PLATTER tutu Workshop. But the Cost would go up to $100.00 per person as this is a much more complicated Build to teach.  I would recommend you check out the Pull on Performance Tutu class option.

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Romantic tutus are a staple of ballet. It's is 4-5 layers of tulle & netting on a curved waistband called a basque. So skills you will learn here are cutting fabric and tulle/netting; flatlining; gathering on the Johnson Ruffler to name just a few. Just an fyi: these are also fabulous for bachelorette parties! I did them for my daughter's bachelorette party. All class sessions are included in the price. This project might take more than one session to complete but you are only paying for the first session. Choose the session(s) that work for you! The number of sessions will be dictated by your experience level. This is also a really fun GROUP PROJECT. So don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have a group or event you want to make these for.

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