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SAB Skirt Workshop Supply List


Here is the link for #2324: https://tutusthatdance.com/collections/skirts/products/sab-skirt-2324

Fabric: a light weight 4 way stretch. This is commonly sold as Lycra or Spandex fabric.  Four way stretch means it stretches both horizontally and vertically. All 4 ways! Think yoga pants or swim suit material or your leotard. It stretches up and down and it also stretches around.

Options: Lycra, Stretch mesh and light weight stretch velvet. NOT suitable for a directional print.

1 yard of 60” wide fabric will make 2 skirts. So actual yardage for 1 skirt is: 36” by 28”

The folks at The Sewing Center have a nice selection of 4 way stretch, what you are looking for is Lycra or Spandex type fabric.

THREAD: okay, we will be sewing exclusively on the Serger for this skirt. A serger uses 4 spools of thread. That is the big cones of thread you will see at Joann’s. I have basic black and white thread I will supply for your use. The thread will not show on your finished skirt. But if you don’t want to use black or white on your skirt, than you will need to purchase 4 spools or cones of thread to match your skirt.

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