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Sean McLeod | Director and Choreographer

Sean McLeod is an Executive Producer, Award Winning Businessman, and American Choreographer whose work spans more than 30 years and three continents including New York City, across the US, and internationally to the West Indies, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Sean is founder of Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting – a Communication, Performance, and Development Company, President of Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, and is Executive Producer of the Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival, New York Dance Festival and the Global Dance Initiative. He has worked with several Senators and Congressmen and is a Conference Designer, Fortune 500 Executive Life Coach, Mediation Expert, and Motivational Speaker that uses the arts to teach Personality Development and Emotional Development for Corporations and Executives. He teaches Life Skills to Teens, Parental communication skills to adults, and does Family Development intervention for public schools and universities.

Sean McLeod is President of the New York Institute of Dance & Education and the winner of countless awards including the coveted Jefferson Award for Public Service to America founded by the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the New York State Liberty Award (the NY Senate’s highest honor), and the NAACP Trailblazers Medal of Honor. Sean was recently inducted into the Auburn Music Hall of Fame, and has personally awarded over 400 thousand dollars to established/emerging artists and promotes talent everywhere he works.

Sean is a Master Teacher and acknowledged developer of movement systems, most notably his codified “MT” McLeod Technique, MT Afro Hip Hop, Training For Athletes – TFA , and Reinforced Motor Function ® RMF which are now being taught globally. Mr. McLeod works in New York City as well as in major cities across the Globe. He is an expert in Body Alignment and Emotional Development and Personality Development. He believes you can be anything you want, provided you prepare yourself, share immensely, and help others be significant too.

As a Black Intellect Sean has had countless commissions from Universities to the Federal Government. At the beginning of his career he used choreography and dance to present experiences that challenged the way minorities and people of color are seen in contemporary society. 25 years later Sean uses movement to help women and girls around the globe to find their self value. Sean McLeod is an altruistic “believer in people,” whose purpose is moving people to tangible action, personal responsibility and aiding those in social conflict.

To meet this need, Sean McLeod founded the New York Institute of Dance & Education; Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre (KDT); the New York Dance Festival; the New York Center for Health and Healing; the Fine Arts Dance Association (FADA); the Educational Tour on Self-esteem through Dance; Community of Color World Culture Celebration; Circles-Expanding Horizons Program; Mission to South Africa; Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting, Change International, “Moving Past Racism” City Healing Series, the Carmen De La Vallade Award for
Dance, the Janet Collins Fellowship, the Global Dance Initiative and more.