1600 W Douglas Ave Wichita, KS 67203

(316) 687-5880

Waiver & Medical Release for Classes

Participation in Ballet Wichita is completely voluntary. I/we have reviewed the dancer agreement and choose to participate with a full and complete understanding and acceptance of the risks associated with taking dance classes with Ballet Wichita. I assume complete responsibility for any injury to me/my child that may occur during Ballet Wichita activities/while on any premises in which dance classes may occur and hold harmless Ballet Wichita, the sponsors, promoters, or other persons associated with Ballet Wichita against accidents, or injury.

FURTHERMORE: I HEREBY give permission for me/ and or my child to receive medical/dental treatment when deemed necessary for the entire period that I/or my child is participating in Ballet Wichita dance classes. I/we will not in any way hold Ballet Wichita responsible for any treatment deemed necessary for medical/dental services.

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