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Zipper Pouches 2024

zipper pouches

These little zipper pouches have been a big hit with some of my Beginner students and even the more experienced sewers.  So I’m offering classes for them.

I will provide the supplies for the first two pouches:  fabric and zippers.  But feel free to get a couple of fat quarters from Joann’s and some 9 inch zippers in the color combination of your choice.  I highly recommend you order them from Amazon where you can get 60 of them in a great color assortment for just 7.99.  Because if you master the first one, you will want to make a bunch more.  Including ones with double zippers.

This is a great group activity and these make a great party favor.

Here’s the Amazon link for zippers:


Choose a Class
This is a great follow up if you have taken the Beginner Class. And they are addictive to make! Great fun to make. Pick a session. If none of the dates and times work for you, please feel free to reach out to Instruction via email. This is also a great project to do as a group!

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